Camellia Restaurant- a Sri Lankan gem for Canberra

A great new Sri lanka option for Manuka

Camellia Restaurant is a very welcome newcomer to Manuka that adds to the choice of cuisines in this hub of great dining options.
For those who have been to Sri Lanka, it’s a lovely opportunity to again be called ‘Ma’am’ by the warm, friendly and hospitable Jaged and re-live Sri Lankan delights from Nerandah’s kitchen.
For those who are yet to go to Sri Lanka, it’s a great opportunity to try the unique dishes of Sri Lanka, that have been influenced in distinct ways not only by Indian but also Dutch and British cuisines making them different to other South Asia cuisines.
The complimentary prawn and pomegranate hors d’oeuvre was beautiful and delicious. The chicken curry and string hoppers with dahl, coconut sambal and boiled egg accompaniments was a good choice, with the dahl being particulary tasty. But the stand out dish was the Kottu Roti with fish curry, also served with a special gravy and grated cheese (which actaully added a special something to the dish). And just like in Sri Lanka, we were offered more of whatever we needed to make our meal perfect.
BYO wine is an option at $10 corkage per bottle. Camellia Restaurant has also now been added to the Canberra Entertainment Card, so if you get two main meals, you only need to pay for one. You can also use the card to get one main meal at half price.
String Hoppers (v) Fine rice flour strings squeezed through a sieve, curled to
a cane mat and steamed. Your choice of fish/chicken or
beef mild curry, assortment of vegetable curries & accompaniments 26.90
Kottu Roti (v) Roti bread stripes, onion, leek, carrot and exotic spices &
egg sautéed and mixed with curry gravy. Served with your
choice of fish/chicken/beef or vegetable curry & accompaniments 24.90
Steamed Coconut Wandu Steamed treacle cake with vanila ice cream 9.90







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